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2 arrested for pretending to give COVID jabs

Nurse, health operator held in Naples in cash for fake jab case

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 26 - Italian police on Wednesday arrested two people on suspicion of pretending to give COVID-19 jabs in exchange for money.
    The two, a nurse supposed to administer doses and a socio-health operator, were arrested by NAS health police in Naples.
    The pair, Giuliano Di Girolamo and Rosario Cirillo, have been charged with corruption in acts against their duty, embezzlement and fraud in public acts.
    The operator allegedly procured the anti-vax patients, of whom some 30 have been identified so far, who allegedly paid 150 euros each for the nurse to inject the vaccine into a shoulder swab instead on into the shoulder itself. (ANSA).


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