C-L motion on disbanding Forza Nuova approved

C-R motion on dissolving all subversive groups also passed

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 21 - The Lower House on Thursday approved a centre-left motion to disband neofascist group Forza Nuova (FN) after it led an assault that ransacked the HQ of Italy's biggest and most leftwing trade union CGIL during an anti-Green Pass COVID health certificate riot in Rome on October 9.
    The centre right, whose separate motion on dissolving all subversive leftist and rightist groups was also approved by the House with the centre left abstainingThursday, abstained in the Lower House vote on the centre-left motion.
    The centre-left motion was passed by 225 votes to one with 198 abstentions, while the centre-right one was passed by 193 votes to three with 224 abstentions. (ANSA).


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