Mussolini's granddaughter most voted candidate in Rome

Jazz pianist's daughter has same name as dictator's wife Rachele

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 6 - Benito Mussolini's granddaughter Rachele Mussolini was the candidate who received the most votes in Rome's city council elections on Sunday and Monday, according to final results.
    She got 6,522 votes as a candidate for the nationalist Brothers of Italy (FdI) party, the most garnered by any would-be councillor.
    Rachele, 37, who has the same name as her grandmother, the wife of the Fascist dictator, already made the council in the last elections in 2016.
    She is the daughter of Benito's jazz-pianist son Romano Mussolini, the dictator's fourth child.
    Asked about her grandfather, she said "Fascism must be consigned to the history books".
    She is the half-sister of Alessandra Mussolini, a long-time rightwing politician. (ANSA).


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