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COVID-19:All workers will need Green Pass eventually-min

Vaccine passport ups costs for anti-vax opportunists -Brunetta

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 10 - Civil Service Minister Renato Brunetta said Friday that the Green Pass COVID-19 vaccine passport will be obligatory for all workers in Italy eventually.
    "The Green Pass is brilliant because it increases the psychic and monetary costs the opportunists who are against the vaccine face," Brunetta said.
    "In the future it must be valid also for employment in the public and private sector".
    The green certificate, which shows that someone is vaccinated for the coronavirus, has recovered from it or has recently tested negative, is necessary to do many things in Italy, such travel abroad or on high-speed trains, attend certain events and to be able to sit at a table inside bars and restaurants.
    All school and higher education staff must have it, as well as university students.
    So anyone who does not want to be vaccinated for COVID-19 but wants to do a wide range of activities is forced to regularly fork out to have coronavirus tests to obtain the Green Pass.
    Brunetta said the Green Pass should also be introduced for people who use public and private services.
    Premier Mario Draghi's government had been expected to further extend the scope of the Green Pass this week to make it obligatory for public sector workers and perhaps private ones too.
    But this has been put on hold, given the reservations of Matteo Salvini's League and due to some technical issues that need to be solved. (ANSA).


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