COVID-19: Govt set to expand scope of Green Pass

Vaccine passport may become for private and public sector workers

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 7 - Health Minister Roberto Speranza has said the government is set to further expand the scope of the Green Pass COVID-19 vaccine passport.
    The green certificate, which shows that someone is vaccinated for the coronavirus, has recovered from it or has recently tested negative, is necessary to travel abroad and for access to certain events, such as weddings, sporting events, concerts, and in order to visit care homes.
    It is also needed to be able to sit at a table inside bars and restaurants and all school and higher education staff must have it, as well as university students.
    Vaccinations were already obligatory for health workers before the Green Pass was set up.
    The government is considering making it obligatory for all public sector workers and perhaps for private-sector firms too.
    Italian industry association Confindustria has said it is in favour of making the Green Pass obligatory for private sector workers but it also wants the government to foot the bill for COVID tests to help make sure work places are safe from the coronavirus.
    Premier Mario Draghi last week said the government could go even further and make it obligatory to be vaccinated for COVID-19.


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