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Milan charity women beaten by Taliban

Kids scared by 'scenes of unprecedented violence' says Pangea

(ANSA) - MILAN, AUG 23 - Some women activists of the Milan charity Pangea were beaten by the Taliban at the weekend, Pangea said on its Instagram feed Monday, posting photos of the arrival of the activists and their families in Kabul.
    "Some women of Pangea have been beaten by the Taliban," Pangea said.
    "Seeing their bruised photos was heart-breaking".
    Pangea said it had been working non stop to help its Kabul workers and their families to reach the airport in the Asian capital.
    "They have been difficult days.
    "The women on the Pangea staff and their families have been trapped in the crowd for hours, without water, and with their very young children in their arms".
    Pangea said the children had "witnessed scenes of unprecedented violence and they are very afraid". (ANSA).


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