Dog lifeguards save 14 people at Sperlonga

Three families, including 8 children, got swept away from shore

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 9 - Three of the dog lifeguards in service at the Italian sea resort of Sperlonga on Sunday helped save the lives of 14 people, including eight children.
    The group was made up of three families who, while relaxing in the sea on air beds, dinghies and a surf board, got swept away from the shore by a sudden change in the water conditions.
    The people were knocked into the water and started to shout for help as they were unable to get back to the beach.
    The three labradors, Eros aged four, Mya aged seven and Mira aged five, had to carry out several trips to help bring the people back to safety in a complex operation that lasted around 20 minutes.
    The dogs got warm applause from around 400 beach-goers who watched the rescue. (ANSA).


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