Sardinia in state of emergency as forest fires rage

Over 1,500 people evacuated from homes, damage 'immeasurable'

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 26 - Sardinia has declared a state of emergency over the forest fires that have been raging on the island for several days.
    A blaze in the province of Oristano has burned over 20,000 hectares of land and left 1,500 people unable to access their homes.
    "The damage is immeasurable," said Sardinia Governor Christian Solinas.
    "It has left whole communities on their knees, along with their economic and social fabric.
    "It has inflicted a fatal wound on this precious environmental heritage.
    "Whole forests completely destroyed. Firms and homes devastated.
    "An enormous number of livestock animals killed in the fire".
    Farmers' association Coldiretti said it would take at least 15 years to recreate the forests and the pastures that have gone up in smoke.
    There are wildfires in Sicily too.
    Fire-fighters are pitched against a huge blaze that is devastating countryside in the area of Erice. (ANSA).


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