Bowels of Colosseum visible thanks to Tod's restoration

Hypogeum shows all that happened between 80 AD and 523 AD

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 25 - The bowels of the Colosseum, the underground tunnels where gladiators and wild beasts crouched before being winched up to the killing floor, are visible as never before thanks to a restoration funded by shoe giant Tod's.
    "It has been a very complex job," said archaeological park superintendent Alfonsina Russo of the 7,000-day restoration by over 80 specialists including architects, restorers, geologists, physicists, topographers, engineers and workers.
    "This startling new view of the hypogeum is testimony to all that happened under the amphitheatre's great arena from its inauguration in 80 AD up to the last spectacle in 523 is a monument inside the monument, now visitable on a 160-metre snaking walkway". (ANSA).


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