Guerini pays tribute to 53 Italians who died serving in Afghanistan

Not abandoning country by ending mission says minister

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 24 - Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini paid tribute to the members of the Italian armed services who took part in the coalition missions in Afghanistan, including 53 who lost their lives.
    "I thank the 723 Italians who were injured and the 53 victims who lost their lives for the Republic to bring stability and peace to Afghanistan," Guerini said in the Senate as he reported on the withdrawal of Italian troops from the Asian country.
    "This utmost sacrifice must not be in vain and the memory of them will be indelible.
    "It is not easy to summarize 20 years of effort.
    "Over 50,000 men and women were involved over these 20 years and they contributed to giving lustre to our country.
    "The Atlantic Alliance will continue with its commitment to ensure that Afghanistan does not become a paradise for terrorism and to combat the narrative of abandonment". (ANSA).


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