Euros: Italy mascot unveiled, created by late ET modeller

Carlo Rambaldi's sheepdog puppy to accompany Azzurri adventures

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 8 - The Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC) on Tuesday unveiled the national team's new mascot, a sheepdog puppy figure created by late ET Oscar winning modeller Carlo Rambaldi.
    FIGC chief Carlo Gravina said Rambaldi, who died in 2012 after winning three Oscars for his creations including Steven Spielberg's homesick extraterrestrial, showed him the sketches for the mascot in 2007.
    "Now we have finally made it and given Carlo his fourth Oscar," said Gravina.
    The mascot, made by Rambaldi's heirs Victor and Daniela, will accompany the Azzurri on their Euro adventure and also in future bids for glory. (ANSA).


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