Train to follow Dante's footsteps from Florence to Ravenna

Inaugural trip June 6 with conductor Riccardo Muti

(ANSAmed) - ROMA, 31 MAG - The inauguration of 'Dante's Train' will be on June 6 with conductor Riccardo Muti onboard.
    The train will take visitors from Florence to Ravenna with stops in Borgo San Lorenzo and Marradi in Tuscany as well as Brisighella and Faenza in Emilia Romagna in the "tracks" of the well-known poet.
    From July 3 to October 10, tourists will be able to use the historic carriages of the 'centoporte' train made available by Emilia-Romagna (FER) railways.
    The initiative was presented on Monday by the Emilia-Romagna regional government, which invested 420,000 euros in the project.
    Dante's Train will leave at 8:50 AM from Florence with an expected arrival in Ravenna at 12:20 PM. It will depart from the same station at 17:55 PM and arrive at Florence's Santa Maria Novella at 9 PM.
    "We are responding to a new demand for experience-based tourism," said Andrea Corsini, regional tourism councillor for Emilia-Romagna, "and the trip will be made in a sustainable manner past the landscapes of an antique railway section." Within the next week, FER will announce which company will be in charge of ticket sales and package tours linked to the trip.
    The first symbolic one will be held on June 6 at 2:30 PM from Florence with conductor Riccardo Muti onboard and will stop in Marradi in the Florence province. Muti will be conducting the Luigi Cherubini orchestra for the reopening of the Teatro degli Animosi. (ANSAmed).


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