UK-Italy accord by year's end says British envoy

No more Italians detained at border says Morris

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 20 - British Ambassador to Italy Jill Morris said Thursday that "we are working closely with our Italian colleagues to conclude a bilateral cooperation accord by the end of the year, between the United Kingdom and Italy".
    Speaking to the House foreign affairs committee, Morris said "there will be no more similar cases" to the groups of EU citizens, including Italians, who have been detained at immigration centres and then repatriated after trying to enter the UK for work without visas.
    On the upcoming accord, Morris said "it will be the first time for an accord that consolidates our relations, our collaboration, the dialogue we have launched and then we create together a structure to deepen our ties for the good of all our citizens after 2021 and in the future".
    She said "I have no doubt that in the future Italy and the United Kingdom will remain allies and friends. We are two countries that have the possibility and responsibility, not only in this year of (G7, G20 and COP26) presidencies, to lead the international community towards a more prosperous, more resilient, more sustainable and more inclusive future".
    Morris added that G20 cooperation and coordination against COVID-19 was "fundamental". (ANSA).


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