Must do more on workplace deaths says Draghi

New aid decree will help wedding sector says PM

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 12 - Premier Mario Draghi told question time Wednesday that "we must do more on workplace deaths" after no fewer than six workers lost their lives over the last week.
    Draghi reiterated the government's condolences for the deaths of 22-year-old mother Luana D'Orazio and the five other workers who died in workplace accidents.
    It is "fundamental" for those wishing to hold wedding to be patient and avert joyful occasions becoming potential risks due to COVID-19, Draghi said.
    He said Monday's meeting of the COVID 'control room' would address the issue and a gradual approach was needed.
    There will be a new COVID aid decree next week, Draghi said, saying it would contain further help for the wedding sector on top of current funding of 200 million euros per year.
    Draghi also said the rules on the EU stability pact "were and are inadequate" and should be changed to help boost growth coming out of the COVID pandemic. (ANSA).


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