Ashes of Camorra 'youth boss' found in altar in Naples

Emanuele Sibillo assassinated in 2015 aged 19

(ANSA) - NAPLES, APR 28 - The ashes of a Neapolitan Camorra mafia 'youth boss' slain in 2015 at the age of 19 have been found in an altar in his family's home in Naples, police said Wednesday after removing several tributes to the cult mafia figure in the southern Italian city.
    Emanuele Sibillo was a leader of the Camorra's 'paranza dei bambini' ('trawler of children') or Piranhas, used by the local mob for many illegal activities including murder.
    Sibillo, who was killed in an ambush at Castel Capuano, was also known by his gang tag ES17.
    Police on Wednesday arrested 21 members of his clan as they removed many devotional symbols set up in his memory. (ANSA).


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