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Etna belches out fresh lava plume

7 young people rescued after getting lost on iconic volcano

(ANSA) - CATANIA, APR 1 - Etna on Thursday belched out another lava plume in the latest of a string of spectacular eruptions from Europe's tallest active volcano.
    The volcano spewed ash and lapilli into a nine-kilometre-high column.
    The ash was scattered onto nearby Catania and the eastern Sicilian city's airport's air space was closed.
    Flights were rerouted out of Palermo.
    A southeastern breeze helped take the high and dense column of lavic ash across the city.
    Lapilli also fell onto a number of smaller towns and villages on Etna's southern slopes including Nicolosi, Trecastagni, Pedara, Aci Sant'Antonio and San Gregorio, where the eruptions rattled windows and doors.
    The iconic volcano also emitted a fresh lava flow.
    Volcanology institute INGV said it was the 17th "paroxysm" in Etna's latest phase of volcanic activity, which began in mid February.
    A group of seven young people ascended the volcano to see the latest eruption, got lost, and spent the night in the open.
    They were rescued on Thursday morning. (ANSA).


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