Berlusconi discharged from hospital

Ex premier has health problems lawyer tells hearing

(ANSA) - ROME, MAR 24 - Silvio Berlusconi was discharged from a Milan hospital Wednesday after undergoing routine tests since Monday morning.
    The ex-premier was in hospital because of "health problems", his lawyer, Federico Cecconi, told a court hearing in Milan earlier on Wednesday.
    Sources close to the media billionaire and centre-right Forza Italia leader's family said he was in Milan's San Raffaele hospital and his condition was relatively good.
    The 84-year-old was seriously ill with COVID-19 last year and then had another spell in hospital due to a heart problem.
    Despite Berlusconi being in hospital, his lawyer did not present a request for the so-called Ruby Ter trial to be postponed due to a 'legitimate impediment' Berlusconi is accused of bribing witnesses to lie about his alleged bunga bunga sex parties.
    It is the third trial to stem from the case of a Moroccan runaway, nightclub dancer and prostitute named Ruby Heartstealer.
    Berlusconi was acquitted of paying for sex with her while she was underage after a court found he could not have known how old she was.
    Ruby, whose real name is Karima El Mahroug, was allegedly paid by Berlusconi to deny prosecutors' claims the parties were orgies where sex was paid for.
    But she is not among the 29 defendants in the current trial which include Berlusconi and several young women he allegedly bribed to say the parties were innocent affairs. (ANSA).


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