Landslide hits Amalfi road

No victims reported so far

(ANSA) - NAPLES, FEB 2 - A large landslide crashed onto the state highway at Amalfi near Naples on Tuesday.
    The cliff above the road crumbled sending earth, rocks and boulders onto the road below.
    There were no immediate reports of victims but sources said they could not be ruled out yet either.
    Part of the landslide also reached the beach below the road.
    Amalfi Mayor Daniele Milano said it would take hours to clear the highway.
    Only then would authorities be sure there were no victims, he said.
    A number of houses will be evacuated, Milano said.
    Highway company ANAS said circulation along the highway had been interrupted.
    Former Amalfi mayor Antonio De Luca said consolidation work on that stretch of cliff had been done two years ago.
    He said the police should investigate how the work was done.
    The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy's most iconic tourist destinations. (ANSA).


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