PD MEP trip to Bosnia border camp provocation says Croatia

Bid to discredit Croatia's reputation says interior minister

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 1 - A visit by four Italian centre-left Democratic Party (PD) MEPs to see the condition of migrants in a camp on the Bosnian border with Croatia was a "provocation," Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said Monday, explaining why the four were blocked about 150 metres from the border with Bosnia.
    "It was nothing more than the umpteenth provocation against Croatian police," he said.
    "It was an attempt to discredit the country's reputation".
    After a fire destroyed the temporary emergency camp in northwest Bosnia on December 23, hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers are housed in tents that do not meet basic humane housing conditions, human rights organisations have said.
    Bosnian authorities should immediately provide adequate, winterized accommodation for the migrants and asylum seekers stranded in freezing temperatures in the northwestern part of the country, Human Rights Watch said last week.
    The PD delegation also described conditions at the camp as "inhuman". (ANSA).


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