Jail inmate attacks female guard, tries to kiss her

Union calls for security at Trento prison toe be tightened

(ANSA) - TRENTO, JAN 21 - A male prison inmate on cleaning duty attacked and tried to kiss a female guard in the jail laundry earlier this week, the SAPP warders' union said Thursday.
    The incident happened in Trento jail in the far north of Italy.
    "Our colleague, understandably in shock, went through an incredible and crazy experience," said SAPP provincial chief Massimiliano Rosa.
    He called for security to be tightened at all departments in the jail.
    "The prisoner, a foreigner, attacked the guard while she was bending down to take laundry form the basket, brazenly seized her by the arm, dragged her towards himself and tried to kiss her," said Rosa.
    "The colleague managed to wriggle out of his grasp and get away." The SAPP official called for a security guard to be posted to the laundry and other places in the prison where inmates perform work duties. (ANSA).


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