Row on anti-vaxxer docs forced to vaccinate rumbles on

Only 20% of care workers in Pavia willing to get jab

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 29 - A row in Italy over anti-vaxxer doctors and other medical staff being obliged to vaccinate against COVID-19 is rumbling on.
    The government has yet to decide whether to make COVID vaccination compulsory.
    In Pavia near Milan, only 2 out of 10 workers in the city's 85 care homes say they are willing to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.
    Health Undersecretary Sandro Zampa said making vaccines obligatory for health operators "should be considered".
    But Civil Service Minister Fabiana Dadone said that only a "strong recommendation" should suffice.
    The president of the federation of Italian doctors guilds, Filippo Anelli, said "it must be politicians, on the basis of the numbers, who must decide whether to impose compulsory vaccination by law".
    But Anelli added that guilds should hold members to their professional ethical standards and levy sanctions where doctors fall short of them.
    The Rome doctors guild has launched disciplinary proceedings against 13 anti-vaxxer doctors. (ANSA).


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