MOSE raised after miscalculation led to Venice floods

Flood barrier to stay up for three days says official

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 9 - Venice's MOSE flood-barrier system was lifted to protect the city on Wednesday after a miscalculation meant it was not raised in time to prevent flooding on Tuesday.
    The system was not activated on Tuesday as the 'acqua alta' tide peak was not forecast to be as bad as it turned out to be.
    MOSE takes some time to be activated and, by the time the authorities realised their forecasts were off the mark on Tuesday, it was too late.
    Cinzia Zincone, the head of the public works department in the area, told ANSA on Wednesday that "we are trying to calibrate the opening and closing (of MOSE) in the best way".
    She said a meeting would be held later on Wednesday to "analyse what happened yesterday and, if necessary, make significant changes to the procedures applied up to now for MOSE".
    After some corruption scandals and many years of work and delays, the system finally came into use this year.
    It was not ready in time to stop the floods that devastated the city in 2019.
    Zincone said the flood barriers would stay up for three days with more high tides forecast up until Friday. (ANSA).


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