50 school collapses in last year

11 since September says Cittadinanzattiva

(ANSA) - ROME, 20 NOV - There have been some 50 episodes of structural collapses in Italian schools in the last year, citizens' group Cittadinanzattiva said Friday.
    The episodes include full-scale collapses, falling plaster, and windows, perimeter walls and trees falling down in or near schools, it said.
    Cittadinanzattiva surveyed the cases ranging from August 2019 to November 2020.
    There have been some 326 such incidents since 2013, it said.
    Since September of this year, there have been a further 11, it said.
    Some 43% of Italy's 40,160 schools, or 17,343, are situated in areas of high seismic risk, the report said.
    Some 4.3 million children and teenagers live in these regions.
    Over 4,000 of the schools in these two zones, one and two, have asked the education minister to carry out vulnerability tests, but many of these tests have not arrived.
    This is mainly due to a lack of funds, Cittadinanzattiva said.


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