Distance learning decision hard, contagion curve concerning-Conte

Should just be needed for a few weeks says PM at Willy ceremony

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 26 - The government's decision to raise distance learning at Italian schools to at least 75% amid a second COVID wave was a tough one to take but the infection curve is "concerning" and it had to be taken, Premier Giuseppe Conte said Monday.
    Some regions including Abruzzo and Calabria have already decided to shift all teaching to distance learning, moving to 100% - as has Milan.
    Speaking at a high school at a ceremony honouring Willy Monteiro, a 21-year-old Cape Verdian-Italian beaten to death after trying to help a friend from a street gang, Conte said "we worked hard for in-presence teaching, and now we must boost distance learning because the contagion curve has really become very worrying".
    But he said: "we are counting on doing it for just a few weeks only, the time needed to bring the curve back under control.
    "These rules of caution make us distant, alas, but we are all close in fighting violence.
    "You students, too, for the most part will embrace the logic of distance learning.
    "Believe me, it was not an easy decision". (ANSA).


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