COVID contact tracing no longer working - Ricciardi

Situation getting out of control in many regions - govt advisor

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 16 - Italy's COVID-19 contact-tracing systems are no longer working, Walter Ricciardi, an expert advisor to Health Minister Roberto Speranza, told ANSA on Friday.
    "The local health authorities are no longer capable of tracing contacts, so the virus-containment strategy is not working," he said.
    "This is due to two phenomena taking place in many regions - the lack of reinforcement of the department of prevention due to the low number of doctors available and the thousands of outbreaks that there are.
    "The situation is extremely serious.
    "The regions are losing control of contagions.
    "Contact tracing is not working manually, with interviews of people positive for the virus about their contacts, nor technologically, with the Immuni app." (ANSA).


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