Migrants 'tumour to be eradicated' says northern mayor

Violent drug pushers can't expect rights says League official

(ANSA) - BOLOGNA, OCT 1 - Ferrara's far-right anti-migrant League mayor has caused an uproar in Italy by calling migrants "a tumour to be eradicated".
    Alan Fabbri, a member of Matteo Salvini's nationalist party, was commenting on the rejection of 134 migrant residency permit applications in the northern city "almost all on the grounds of social peril and the illegal status of those who had asked for international protection".
    Fabbri said on Facebook: "Illegals, violent, drug pushers and serial jaywalkers and rough sleepers who do nothing but make our city less safe, they can't expect any rights and must only return to where they came from.
    "For us they are neither a resource not persons to be integrated at our expense.
    "They are only a tumour to be eradicated".
    Fabbri's comments were condemned by centre-left and leftwing parties as well as pro-migrant groups. (ANSA).


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