COVID-19 won't stop at one million deaths warns Speranza

Health minister calls on public to keep respecting rules

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 28 - Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza called on the Italian public to continue to respect the anti-COVID rules as he commented on Monday on estimates that the pandemic has now claimed one million lives.
    "A million people around the world have lost their lives because of COVID," Speranza said via Facebook.
    "It's a shocking number and, unfortunately, it is still growing.
    "We must commit all our energies to combatting the virus, focusing on scientific research for safe and effective cures and vaccines.
    "What really makes the difference in the meantime is the correct behaviour of each one of us.
    "The utmost attention, seriousness and prudence is still needed". (ANSA).


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