Judge rejects requests to release alleged 'rogue' cops

Group of Carabinieri accused of drug pushing, extortion, torture

(ANSA) - ROME, 30 LUG - A judge in the northern city of Piacenza on Thursday rejected requests for the release from jail of a group of allegedly rogue Carabinieri police officers.
    Six Carabinieri from the Stazione Levante barracks in Piacenza were arrested last week on charges of drug pushing, extortion and torture.
    Prosecutors said they had acted "like a fully fledged criminal gang", supplying local pushers during the cornavirus lockdown.
    A civilian probed in the case allegedly said in a wiretapped conversation that the cops' methods reminded him of the Campania mafia TV hit Gomorra.
    The barracks has been impounded and the six suspended from duty.


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