'New poor' up 34% in pandemic says Caritas

In three toughest months of COVID crisis, from March to May

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 1 - The number of "new poor" in Italy has risen by 34% during the coronavirus pandemic, Catholic charity Caritas said Wednesday.
    Caritas said it had assisted almost 450,000 people during the three toughest months of the COVID emergency, from March to May.
    Almost two thirds of these, 61.6%, were Italian, it said.
    The new poor were defined as those who had turned to Caritas for the first time.
    Some 92,000 struggling households were given access to diocesan funds.
    Another 3,000 or more families used support activities for distance learning and remote working.
    Some 537 small businesses also received support, Caritas said.


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