Confindustria chief Bonomi sees 'no plan' from govt

We'll present our plan says head of industry association

(see related story on the Estates General).
    (ANSA) - Rome, June 15 - Carlo Bonomi, the president of Italian industrial employers' association Confindustria, said Monday that he could see no plan from the government on how to take the country forward after the coronavirus emergency.
    "I expected that, with the call to Villa Pamphili (palace for the Estates General), the government would have presented a detailed plan, with a timetable with the forecast effects on GDP over time," Bonomi told reporters from the foreign press association.
    "I didn't see this plan. I'd be curious to read it. I'd like to listen to it.
    "That said, we at Confindustria are positive and propositional.
    "We'll go to Villa Pamphili and say what we think and, above all, we'll present a plan of ours that is highly precise.
    "It will be published. We've made a book entitled Italy 2030".


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