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Italians put on 2kg on average during lockdown - Coldiretti

18% more food consumed, boom for comfort foods - farmers group

(ANSA) - Rome, May 5 - Italians put on an average two kilos of weight during the 55-day coronavirus lockdown, farm group Coldiretti said Tuesday.
    Staying at home and unable to take their usual vigorous exercise, coupled with a boom in comfort foods filled with sugar, carbohydrates and fat, has bloated the average Italian, Coldiretti said.
    The amount of food on Italian tables rose by 18% during the lockdown, it said.
    Italians have now started trying to shed that excess baggage after they have been allowed to jog, walk and take personal exercise in parks and along seafronts in phase two of the coronavirus emergency.
    Some 47% of Italians have said losing weight is one of their priority goals, according to the Ixè polling firm which says Italians have turned to diets and exercise to get back in shape.


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