Final structural section of new Genoa bridge put into place

Never again tragedies like this says Premier Conte

(ANSA) - Genoa, April 28 - Premier Giuseppe Conte said at a ceremony marking the placement of the last structural piece of Genoa's new road bridge Tuesday that "the State is with Genoa and we are stitching up a wound" opened in August 2018 when the previous structure collapsed with the loss of 43 lives.
    Conte said the assessment of who was responsible for that disaster "has still to be completed".
    "Never again must there be tragedies like this", the premier added.
    Reconstruction commissioner and Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci said "the bridge is not finished but today we celebrate the reconnection of the two parts of the valley" that Genoa lies in.
    He said "today I can say this band of steel finally links the two parts of the valley in Ponente and Levante.
    "There was a band there before which sadly came down on August 14, 2018. We will always remember the 43 victims." Liguria Governor Giovanni Toti said the new bridge was a "symbol of the Italy that is restarting" after the coronavirus lockdown.
Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said the reconstruction showed "Italy is capable of rising from the wreckage", as it would in the COVID crisis.
He also said that the families of the 43 victims were waiting for justice.
The structural phase of the construction has been completed in record time, in just seven months.
The bridge designed by Genoa native Renzo Piano, will feature sails, yet to be built, that reflect the northwestern port city's maritime heritage.


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