EU talks to be most difficult ever, says Di Maio

Must 'use unprecedented tools for unprecedented crisis'-minister

(ANSAmed) - ROME, APRIL 6 - Italian foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Monday discussed the Eurogroup meeting slated for Tuesday and Eurbonds in an interview with state broadcaster RAI.
    "At the European level, these are the most difficult talks we have dealt with thus far. This crisis seems much worse than the 2008-2009 one. It is an unprecedented crisis and it must be dealt with using unprecedented tools," he said. "We are not asking to share the debt. We are asking for a shared path for our future and that of Europe," Di Maio added. "In Europe," he continued, "everyone is now aware that there is no European Union without Italy. If one falls, everyone does through a domino effect. I would like to note the words of Pope Francis, which are applicable to the economic crisis, too: no one saves himself alone." Di Maio stressed that "we are not asking others to pay our debt for us. We will pay it alone. Some countries believe that there is no need to share the risk at the moment. We are not asking to share the debt. We are asking to share a common path for our future and that of Europe. Our idea is that we must spend what is needed for the redundancy fund for workers, to give money to entrepreneurs, and to postpone VAT payments.
    Whatever is needed, that is what we will do." (ANSAmed).


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