Coronavirus: Naples church absolves patients-victims' sins

Even with confession says Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe

(ANSA) - Naples, March 23 - The archbishop of Naples, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, has decided that those hospitalised can be absolved for their sins even without confession. Priests in hospitals and other treatment facilities will thus be able to absolve sins even without confession for the critically ill, as well as for those in wards where confidentiality or adeguate healthcare measures cannot be ensured. Absolution can be bestowed also on those working in the healthcare sector, if requested. Priests are asked to give the absolution in such a manner that everyone present can hear their words while showing respect for any non-believers or members of other religions. Patients are asked to be made aware of the conditions for the absolution: repentance and the intention to confess their most serious sins as soon as they get access to confession.


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