Coronavirus: Italy adjusts to life in lockdown

People told to stay at home as much as possible

(ANSA) - Rome, March 10 - Italy woke up in lockdown on Tuesday after Premier Giuseppe Conte on Monday announced drastic restrictions aimed at combatting the spread of the coronavirus. The government had extended measures in place in the 'red zones' of northern Italy worst-hit by the deadly virus to the whole nation of over 60 million people.
    People have been told avoid all unnecessary travel and to stay as home, except for essential purposes regarding work and health and to buy provisions.
    All gatherings in public places have been banned, bars and restaurants must close by 6pm and sporting events are not allowed, according to the measures running until April 3. There were some reports of panic buying at 24-hour supermarkets overnight.
    But this reporter found almost everything he had on a long shopping list at a supermarket in Rome early on Tuesday, except for yeast for baking.
    Toilet roll was plentiful. The government had already closed Italy's schools, universities, theatres, cinemas and museums to combat COVID-19. Civil Protection Chief and Coronavirus Emergency Commissioner Angelo Borrelli said Monday that 463 people have died in Italy after contracting the virus, up 97 on Sunday. He said 7,985 are ill with the coronavirus in Italy, up 1,598 on Sunday. Borrelli said 724 people have recovered, 102 more than Sunday. The total number of cases in Italy adds up to 9,172 when those who have recovered and those who have died are calculated.


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