FCA unveils first full-electric Italian car, the Nuova 500

We need help from govt and comuni says Fiat brand manager

(ANSA) - Turin, March 4 - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles on Wednesday unveiled the first full-electric Italian car, the Nuova 500, in Milan.
    "We need help on infrastructure and also on incentives," said Fiat Brand Manager Olivier Francois.
    "You can't invest heavily in electric, as we have done, and live in a country that is not up to (providing) electrical mobility".
    Francois said "we expect answers from the government and the comuni.
    "There is a commitment by Milan on electrification, and the same thing in Turin".
    He called the new car "an epochal novelty".
    Francois said the new car would be sold in Brazil starting next year and, "if there is demand, especially in California", also in the US.
    Luca Napoletano, EMEA chief for the Fiat brand, said that with the new car "Fiat wants to take the leadership of the electric market".


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