Coronavirus: pregnancy of patient 1's wife OK

'Will bring daughter to term' says running team chief

(ANSA) - Milan, February 25 - The pregnancy of the infected wife of the fist patient ('patient 1') to come down with coronavirus in Italy is going OK, sources told ANSA Tuesday.
    "She is well, she's had an ultrasound scan and the pregnancy is proceeding well, the little girl is well and the pregnancy will come to term," one of the heads of the running group to which she and her husband belong told ANSA.
    The woman is in Milan's Sacco Hospital while her husband is in a Pavia hospital.
    The woman "is well, has always been well, she is positive for the coronavirus but asymptomatic," said the manager, who heard form her on the phone Monday.
    The woman is a teacher.
    But she was on maternity leave when her husband infected her and has not been in contact with her pupils since contracting the virus.


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