Islamic school teachers 'hit kids with sticks'

In Monza

(ANSA) - Monza, January 20 - Two Senegalese-Italian teachers at an Islamic school in Monza have been accused of hitting children between the ages of five and 10 with wooden sticks, sources said Monday.
    The children were also allegedly threatened and shut up in a cubbyhole because they allegedly did not work hard enough, sources said.
    The alleged abuse took place against some 10 children.
    One of the teachers has been placed under house arrest, judicial sources said.
    The other has been obliged to sign in with police, they said.
    The school is run by a Monza-based Islamic association.
    One of the teachers is alleged to have threatened children by saying "if you say anything at home I'll kill you".
    The other is alleged to have said "you know what'll happen if you complain, you'll end up in the punition room, in the dark".


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