Mobile phone use can cause cancer - ruling

Turin court's decision set to reopen debate

(ANSA) - Turin, January 14 - The prolonged use of mobile telephones can cause tumours in the head, according to a ruling by Turin's Appeals Court on Tuesday.
    The court upheld a 2017 decision by a lower court in the town of Ivrea regarding the case of a Telecom Italia employee hit by an acoustic-nerve neuroma.
    The ruling will reopen the debate about whether there is a link between mobile-phone use and cancer.
    A report last summer compiled by Italy's Higher Health Institute together with several other agencies said that there is no evidence that prolonged use of mobile phones raises the risk of malign or benign tumours over a 10-year period.
    But the report also stressed that there was a lack of data about "the effects of long-term use of cell phones that started during childhood".


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