Valpolicella wines aim for heart of US

Bussinello says plan is to expand into emerging states

(ANSA) - Rome, December 27 - Valpolicella wines are heading into the states of Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Texas, after having toured the big cities of the East Coast with the Valpolicella Consortium.
    The expansion strategy is based on GDP numbers in many states that indicate growth opportunities in the market for Valpolicella.
    Americans already enjoy Valpolicella, as shown by the value of exports of Valpolicella Doc, which have risen by 17%; 15% for Amarone and 5% for Ripasso.
    "The coasts are strategic and historic for our wines," Consortium Director Olga Bussinello told ANSA.
    "But, we want to look ahead and expand into 'emerging' states from an economic point of view, those that are characterised by a strong growth in GDP. These are markets where our wines could easily fit in," she said.
    Regarding the various distribution channels in the US, Businello said each has its own peculiarities and importance, targeting a specific consumer base.
    Large-scale retail distribution, for example, occupies 50% of the market, while Horeca (food service industry) is at 20% and in continual growth, above all in recent years, with more than 550,000 restaurants, wine bars, and clubs that have a license to sell wine.
    "The ability of our winemakers is that of knowing how to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by these channels," Bussinello said.
    She said e-commerce makes up 4% of the market, but according to the Global Ecommerce 2019 Strategic Study by International Wine & Spirits Research (IWSR), it will see exponential growth in the next five years.
    In 2024, the United States is expected to become the second-largest country for online wine sales, following China.


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