Panettone and tortellini still prime Xmas fare

Veggie lasagne top of 'alternative' list

(ANSA) - Rome, December 23 - Traditional Christmas Day treats panettone and tortellini are still prime festive fare for the palate, according to the latest survey.
    The study by the chamber of commerce of Milan and the surrounding area found that 73% of those polled put panettone Christmas cake at the top of their Yuletide favourites list, followed by tortellini on brodo on 44%, panettone's rival pandoro on 33%, and capon at 16%.
    Among the 'alternative' Christmas meals, vegetarian lasagne topped the bill at 33%.
    As for table decorations, candles won out on 52% ahead of edible decorations at 24% and holiday wreaths on 22%.
    Another study, by the Coldiretti farm group, found that 81% of Italian households will stick to traditional fish menus on Christmas Eve.
    Coldiretti advised consumers to buy their clams, sole, sea bass, red mullet and traditional 'capitone' eels straight from the producer, guaranteeing freshness.
    They said Italians should check the label, to see the fish is properly sourced, and should make sure "the flesh of the fish has a firm but elastic consistency and does not smell too strongly".
    Clams, mussels and other shellfish must have their shells firmly locked shut, Coldiretti said, and prawns and shrimps must not have blackened heads.
    "It's better not to choose fish that have already had their heads and fins cut off," the association added.


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