Two new femicides in Italy

Murder-suicide near Brescia, murder near Chieti after row

(ANSA) - Rome, November 29 - Italy saw two fresh femicides on Friday as a man killed his partner before killing himself near Brescia and another man killed his wife after a row near Chieti.
    Two bodies were found near Brescia Friday in what police said was a murder-suicide.
    A 35-year-old man of Moroccan origin was found hanging in a public park at Azzano Mella, and a 46-year-old Italian woman was found dead in the countryside outside the Brescia-area town.
    The man reportedly told a woman friend on Facebook that he wanted to kill the woman. The two were said to be in a relationship.
    "There is the hypothesis of murder-suicide", police said.
    "But investigations are still ongoing".
    Police have ordered autopsies to be performed on the bodies.
    The pair were resident at Brandico, a short distance from where the bodies were found.
    A man killed his wife after a row at Torino di Sangro near Chieti in Abruzzo on Friday, police said.
    Police are at the scene.
    Prosecutors from Vasto are leading the probe.
    The man has been arrested.
    An autopsy has been ordered.
    Murderous violence against women or femicide was up in 2018 with 142 women killed, according to the 2019 report on femicide and gender violence in Italy from the Eures think tank.
    The total was 0.7% up on 2017, the report said.
    Some 119 of the femicides were in the family home, a rise of 6.3%.
    Never has the total of women victims of murder been higher, at 40.3%, the report said.
    Jealousy and a sense of possession are still the most common motives, accounting for 32.8% of cases.
    Also on the rise were sexual violence (+5.4%), stalking (+4.4%) and domestic abuse (+11.7% in 2018).
    Successive Italian governments have launched campaigns against femicide.
    But the phenomenon appears to be intractable.
    An ISTAT poll last week found many Italians think women bring violence on themselves.