Race agst time in Majorca attempted rape death

Martina Rossi, 20, died in balcony fall fleeing pair

(ANSA) - Arezzo, November 29 - Court officials are racing against time in a case against two alleged would-be rapists in the August 2011 death of 20-year-old Genoese student Martina Rossi who fell from a sixth-floor hotel balcony on Majorca.
    On Thursday the charge of murder as a consequences of another crime was timed out.
    An appeals court said the statute of limitations applied to the case of Arezzo men Luca Vanneschi and Alessandro Albertoni.
    Now prosecutors are racing to convict the pair of the alleged attempted rape, and court officials have brought the next hearing forward to February 10 next year.
    The rape charges will time out in 2021.
    The two were sentenced to six years in jail at a first-instance trial on December 14 last.
    The trial was initially scheduled to resume on September 20, 2020.