Marriages up 2.3% but ever older - ISTAT

2,800 civil unions in 2018 says stats agency

(ANSA) - Rome, November 20 - Some 195,778 marriages were celebrated in Italy in 2018, a rise of around 4,500 or 2.3% on the previous year, ISTAT said Wednesday.
    But a tendency to marry ever later in life has continued, the statistics agency said.
    Grooms are aged 33.7 years on average today and brides 31.5, a rise of 1.6 and 2.1 years over 2008, ISTAT said.
    Second marriages, or successive ones, after a period of growth in the last few years, due also to the introduction of quickie divorces, remained stable with respect to 2017, at 19.9% of total marriages.
    ISTAT also reported on the number of civil unions.
    Same-sex unions were 2,808 in 2018, it said.
    The prevalence of male unions was confirmed, at 64.2%.
    Geographically, northeastern Italy led the way with 37.2% of the national total.