2 acquitted for making Fascist salute

At ceremony for RSI fallen at Sanremo in 2015

(ANSA) - Imperia, November 7 - Two far-right local politicians were acquitted of apology for Fascism after making Fascist salutes at a commemoration of fallen soldiers of the WWII Nazi puppet northern Italian Fascist state Italian Social Republic (RSI) at Sanremo cemetery in April 2015.
    Former far-right Forza Nuova councillor at Diano Castello, Manuela Leotta, and Eugenio Ortiz of Sanremo, made the formally illegal 'Roman' salutes and shouted "present and able" at the ceremony on April 26 that year.
    Imperia judge Sonia Anerdi cleared them saying "the case does not constitute a crime".
    The sentence was based on rulings from the supreme Court of Cassation, source said.
    Prosecutors had requested a three year prison term and a fine of 300 euros.