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Pig kills man, badly hurts 2-yr-old boy

In Rome

(ANSA) - Rome, October 6 - A pig killed a man and badly hurt his two-year-old son at a farm on the outskirts of Rome Sunday.
    The 50-year-old Romanian man took his son to the pen hoping to show him the just-born piglets when the sow attacked him, knocking him over and inflicting a fatal bite.
    The animal then seriously injured the toddler.
    Emergency services rushed to the spot but were unable to do anything for the man.
    The boy was helicoptered to a hospital at Tivoli, and was moved to Rome Bambino Gesù children's hospital Sunday night.
    He was said to be "breathing with a ventilator, sedated and in critical condition" on Monday.
    The incident happened in the Corcolle area.
    An autopsy has been ordered.


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