M5S votes yes to M5S-PD govt

Plebiscite says Di Maio, now let's change Italy says Zingaretti

(ANSA) - Rome, September 3 - Grassroots members of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) on Tuesday voted yes by 79% to 20.7% to a government with the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) on the M5S's online voting platform, Rousseau, paving the way for an unprecedented alliance between the former fierce foes.
    M5S leader Luigi Di Maio said that "I think we must be very proud that the whole world waited for the result of these 80,000 Italian citizens on a digital platform that is unique in the world".
    Di Maio said that "the vast majority voted Yes for the birth of a government backed by a coalition where the M5S will be the majority force. It was a plebiscite".
    He said that "those 20 points on which I raised my voice, and perhaps some people did not like the tone, all went into (the government programme). There is the cut in parliamentarians, two hours are lacking for a historic reform".
    He said that that "now we move onto the last mile, the government team that must work to improve the quality of people.
    It won't be a government of right or left, but a government that must do the right things".
    Di Maio said that "in less than a month a government crisis was resolved, via a different method, not in back rooms, but with a process that comes from the work done in these years, putting in place a programme and then asking for an appraisal of that programme from the PD".
    He said "now we need a budget law that must focus on citizens, the environment. "I'm very happy about the government that will come because it is based on so many ideas that we were realising. "Our goal is to realise the programme".
    He said that "in the next few hours we will devote ourselves to finding the best profiles for realising the programme. "In the next few hours you will know a government team led by premier Giuseppe Conte, whom I thank and salute, and to whom I am bound by great friendship. "With whom we worked well and to whom we recognise the role of guarantor and 'super partes', which is not a way to distance himself but is his function, his role".
    He said that that the government crisis happened "because of an irresponsible gesture by (League leader and former interior minister Matteo) Salvini. "You could have stayed in government and you decided to step aside", he said of Salvini who pulled the plug on the government on August 8 only to try to row back when he saw the PD alliance materialising. PD leader Nicola Zingaretti said that "with the closure of the programmatic work we made another step forward for a turning point government. "Cutting taxes on labour, economic development, green economy, bolstering schools, universities and research, radical modification of (Salvini's) migrant and security decrees. "Now let's go and change Italy".
    Anti-migrant Euroskeptic League leader Salvini said that he was "proud that the League is out of the horse trading" on government posts and programme between the M5S and the PD.
    He said the "little government is backed by 60,000 militants who voted on Rousseau, but it is more serious to ask the opinion of 60 million Italians".