Toninelli rapped for buying diesel, not electric car

'Beyond madness, not polluting' says minister

(ANSA) - Rome, March 18 - Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli has been rapped for preaching the use of electric cars and buying a diesel one himself.
    "You can't beat Toninelli: he says he wants to incentivise electric cars and says he has just bought a diesel car. He's still the number one, absolute #genius", tweeted Democratic Party MP Alessia Morani, referring to an Italian TV news report in which the minister says he has bought a second-hand diesel Jeep Compass for his family.
    "Now they're talking about me buying a car, it's beyond madness," Toninelli reacted.
    "Well yes, in October I committed the 'crime' of buying a diesel used car," he added, saying its emissions were well below the levels penalised in a recent government measure.


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