Rescued migrants mustn't return to Libya - UNHCR

'Restore effective rescue measures in Med' says refugee agency

(ANSA) - Rome, January 22 - Migrants and refugees rescued in the Mediterranean must not return to Libya given the prevalence of "violent clashes and widespread breaches of human rights" in the north African county, the UNHCR said Tuesday.
    The United Nations refugee agency urged States to "intervene with urgency to restore effective rescue measures in the Mediterranean boosting operations of coordinated joint rescue operations, restoring rapid procedures of disembarkation in safe ports, and revoking the measures that prevent NGO vessels from operating".
    Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has stopped NGO ships from landing in Italian ports and said rescued migrants must be returned to Libya.
    Salvini on Tuesday rejected the UN refugee agency's call for rescued migrants not to be returned to Libya because of the human rights abuses there.
    "More landings, more money to the migrant smugglers? My answer to the UN is NO", he said on Twitter.


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