Italians saving more due to uncertainty - ACRI

18% rise in overall household savings

(ANSA) - Rome, October 30 - Italians continue to have the tendency to save as much as they can, due in part to perceptions of an uncertain atmosphere, a recent study says.
    The study, by the Association for Savings Banks and Foundations (ACRI) and IPSOS as part of the 94th Savings Day, found that the tendency to save was at 86%, in line with the previous year. However, some 38% of those surveyed "do not feel at peace if they do not manage to save anything", 1% more than in 2017.
    A total of 39% of households say that they are actually able to save money, 2% more than in 2017.
    The rise in overall savings of households, at 18%, was confirmed by Italian national statistics institute ISTAT as well.


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